Scientists have discovered key enzyme liable for the pungent characteristic smell ie, body odor:Study

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Scientists have discovered a novel enzyme liable for the pungent characteristic smell we call body odor or BO. Researchers from the University of York have previously shown that only a lacs of bacteria present in your armpit are the main culprits behind BO.

Now an independent team, together with Unilever scientists, has gone a step further to get an exclusive “BO enzyme” found only within these bacteria and responsible for the characteristic armpit odor. The medical journal Scientific Report has published this study.

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This new research explains how a particular bacteria have evolved a specialized enzyme to supply a number of the key molecules we recognize as BO. Co-first author Dr. Michelle Rudden from the group of Prof Gavin Thomas within the University of York’s Department of Biology said: “Solving the structure of this ‘BO enzyme’ has allowed us to pinpoint the molecular step inside certain bacteria that creates the odor molecules.this is often a key advancement in understanding how body odor works and can enable the event of targeted inhibitors that stop BO production at the source without disrupting the armpit microbiome.

” Your armpit hosts a various community of bacteria that’s a part of your natural skin microbiome. This research highlights Staphylococcus hominis together of the most microbes behind body odor. Furthermore, the researchers say that this “BO enzyme” was present in S.hominis long before the emergence of Homo sapiens as a species, suggesting that body odor existed before the evolution of recent humans and should have had a crucial role in societal communication among ancestral primates.

This research represents a crucial discovery for Unilever R&D, made possible by its long-standing academic-industry collaboration with the University of York. Unilever co-author Dr. Gordon James said: “This research was a true had been fascinating to get that a key odor-forming enzyme exists in just a get few armpit bacteria – and evolved there tens of lots of years ago.”

news source- Life in the pits: scientists identify the key enzyme behind BO

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